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A Dental Clinic of Quality and Confidence
We have been taking care of your oral health for over 30 years, generation after generation the doctors Gautreau have continued to provide excellent service in the community of Madrid, this Family Dental Clinic, is based on a premise of absolute demand and maximum quality, of course we believe that the care and monitoring of our patients, as close treatment is paramount, we are pioneers in dental implantology in Spain and other specialties such as endodontics and prosthetics. Located in the area of Arguelles, 300 metres from the Moncloa Interchange.

Experienced Doctors
We have a team of doctors specialized in each of the branches of dentistry, we have experts in Aesthetics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prostheses, Orthodontics, Implants and Surgery. All qualified and experienced, to resolve each of the problems and doubts that may have each patient dentist pristina .

Pioneers in Spain in Implantology
Dr. Luis Gautreau is one of the pioneers in dental implantology in Spain, since 1989 he established in his Dental Clinic in Madrid, one of the most demanded services in dentistry today. Graduated Doctor of Dental Surgery ¨Cum laude¨ Expert in Implant Surgery and periodontics, Master Degree in Implantology and Perioprothesis, Tissue regeneration techniques, restoration and Immediate Load.

Our Clinic
We make every effort to be up to date both in knowledge and technology, to be able to offer you the best solution to your problems, we have the latest products in Dental Aesthetics and Whitening, the best Endodontic Motors and filling materials for ducts, high ganma Implants at very affordable prices and not only that, we work with the best dental laboratories in Madrid, so that in the shortest possible time you can have the smile as you always wanted.

Disabled access and transport
We have access to disabled people and equipment prepared to help and assist in everything that the patient needs, we also have a pick-up service for elderly and disabled people. Because we understand that not everyone enjoys the mobility, ease of transport or help necessary to take care of their oral health, we offer this service at no cost and give back a little of the happiness and help that our patients give us.

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